Castle Siege

Make your name and your allies names a legend throughout the continent of MU.

Castle Siege Owner

Guild Logo Score Master
HERETlCS 0 ShaoKhan

Registered Guilds

Guild Logo Score Master Signs of Lord

Classifieds Guilds

Guild Logo Score Master Ally Number

Castle Siege Schedule

Day Hour Description
Monday 00:00:00 Guilds registration begins
Friday 23:59:00 Guilds registration ends
Saturday 00:00:00 Registration period of signs of lord
Saturday 23:59:00 Signs of lord registration period ends
Sunday 19:00:00 Castle Attack Guild Notification
Sunday 20:00:00 Ready For Castle Siege
Sunday 22:00:00 Castle Siege Starts
Sunday 23:30:00 Castle Siege Ends


Description Tax
Zen tax 19.960.058.571
Chaos Machine tax 3
NPC´s tax 3
Hunt Zone tax 0